Food Trends for 2015 – Get Ready to Trade Kale for Cauliflower

2014 was the year of Kale, Quinoa and Umami but now 2014 has ended and 2015 has begun, bringing with it a new wave of exciting food trends. Here we give you the low down on food trends for 2015.

First of all, let’s get ready to trade your kale for cauliflower which is having a ‘moment’.

Cauliflower is an endlessly versatile vegetable and its uses this year are going far beyond your conventional roasting or steaming (think grilling and pureeing).  One of the fastest growing trends of the minute is Cauliflower based pizza as crazy as it sounds, but watch out this- trend is coming to your local café or restaurant soon. Why? Because its gluten free, full of fibre and full of vitamins. Welcome this trend with open arms, it’s here to stay.


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Another trend that is fast gathering speed is fermentation.

Fermentation is something that has been on the back burner for a while but has now finally come to the fore. Popular fermented foods such as Sauerkraut and Kimichi are high in probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals and are all over good for your digestive system. They are easy to prepare and run hand in hand with the gathering popularity of the bitter aspect of taste.  Watch this space (or digitally ferment it for future use)


Credit: www.nutritionletter.tufts.edcu


Asian cuisine is going to run at an all-time high.

Asian cuisine has never really been off the scene in recent years but now it’s quirks and lesser known features are about to hit the big time.  This is not your typical “Chinese” or “Thai” takeout though, this year it’s all about the mainstreaming of regional ethic food such as Vietnamese, Korean and Filipino. The recent fascination of the western world with making the perfect ramen is also showing no signs of slowing down, with many upscale restaurants doing their own interpretations of the timeless dish. This booming cuisine is heading for world domination this year! Check out Chi in Galway – our favourite Asian Restaurant in the West or Saba on the East.


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Matcha,  the new coconut water?

Matcha is a Japanese super powder that is packed with L-theanine (an amino acid said to boost your mood), and that contains 130 times more antioxidants’ than your average cup of green tea. Not only this but matcha can also help detox the body and is super high in fibre. Why is this? It’s because with matcha you consume the entire leaf and not just the water it has been brewed in. It is a nutritious powerhouse that will dominate the coffee menus of countless coffee shops during this coming year. Solaris do a nice one.


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Is this the year we all go coconutty for coconut (sugar)?

Last year coconut was all over the grapevine for its water, this year however its sugar will take its place. Coconut sugar is predicted to be this years’ top sweetener and no wonder, it’s less processed than regular sugar with more vitamins and minerals and a lower glycemic index. This is one of the quickest growing trends during this current period of distain towards white sugar. Coconut sugar can be used in everything from your coffee to your “healthier” method of baking. It is an ever developing craze in a world desperate for healthy alternatives. Note: it is a little sweeter than regular sugar so make sure a taste test.

coconut suger

Credit: www.body-in- balance.org

And so those were a few of the most highly anticipated food trends for the first half of 2015.  The way food trends are going we’re going to need a Food Trends Seasons post. Next up Summer Food Fashion.