Wish You Had a PR Specialist to Drive your Business But Worried about PR Fees?

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PR CONSULT – Perfect for SME Restaurant Owners and Food Producers

Your Personal Food PR Agency

PR CONSULT is the service for you if:

  • You are a small to medium-sized restaurant or food production business with an established product or restaurant.
  • You have a solid stream of revenue and you think it can do much better.
  • You may have recently won an award or had ad-hoc PR success and you want to keep up momentum.
  • You know what good marketing and PR looks like and you want to develop a relationship with a reputable PR agency without major retainer fees
  • You or your in-house marketing / PR person can handle everyday work, but probably needs guidance in terms of direction and maximising opportunities.
  • You want to be on the ‘food radar’ in Ireland
  • You want to feel comfortable and secure that your business is constantly improving.


How does it work?

Every month we’ll get together for a consulting session. It starts with a Skype consultation: we’ll review your activity during last month, follow up on previous goals, and set new targets for the upcoming period. Based on the output, I’ll provide you a written report packed with actionable advice.

During our monthly scheduled call we will engage in brain storming PR ideas, advice and direction on existing marketing activities, media contacts, utilising resources effectively. We will provide feedback on your existing communications, press releases and other marketing material.

I will also write up accompanying materials you can put to use right away. Written materials may include (but are certainly not limited to) press releases, PR ideas, campaign concepts, PR and Social Media plans, specific media lists  etc. I’ll deliver these to you on an “as-is” basis, and follow up by answering your questions.

How many hours of consulting work is that?

General turnaround will be two or three days. But I intentionally avoid any precise numbers here. This is a value-based service, so it’s about setting and accomplishing the right goals.

However, I do impose the limit to the amount of PR and marketing work included — it should approximately fit into one half a day. This should be plenty for most of our goals. If the task gets out of the limit — which may be required from time to time if for example,  you would like us to manage press release distribution and press correspondence  — there are two ways out: postpone this task until the next month, or book extra time on an hourly/project rate.

Does it mean I’ll be able to pick your brain 24/7?

Not really. Of course, I’ll be glad to answer a few reasonable questions here and there. But the main idea is to concentrate on monthly consulting sessions, eliminating unnecessary routine along the way.

How much does it cost?

PR CONSULT currently costs €495 per month. It is paid via direct debit at the start of each PR month. This enables you to have your own PR agency on board without the higher retainer fees.

What if PR CONSULT isn’t enough for you, what of you need hands on approach each month? Are you developing a new food product, opening a new restaurant or do you need a relaunch? We can always discuss a full-fledged consulting plan to make it happen. For full service hands-on PR and Marketing service the rate is €1250 per month for approx. 2 days per month with a minimum of 6 months contract.


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