Restaurant Marketing Ideas – 5 Tips on Restaurant Marketing

If you are new to restaurant marketing or marketing a food product you are probably wondering where to start. Here are 5 basic but important tips to set you on your way.

1. Know what sets you apart.

Not all Italian restaurants are the same, not all artisan chutneys are the same. In an increasingly crowded marketplace you need to know what sets you apart. Maybe its the type of ingredients you use (sustainable, organic, authentic etc) or maybe it's simply your location and maybe it's homeliness and friendliness you feel sets you apart. Whatever it is identify it and make it one of your key messages in all your marketing efforts.

2. Know your target market

This might seem obvious but you'd be surprised how many restaurant owners have a conflict with who they are currently attracting in to their restaurant and who they want to attract. If you want your marketing efforts to work you need to be very clear on what market you are after. This might mean there are different markets for different times of the day, if thats the case then be even more specific. Want a good midweek trade, then who exactly do you want? After work diners or friends out for a special deal, maybe it’s the older diners you'd like to attract or the tourists from the nearby hotels. Of course all restaurants want as many bums on seats as possible but for the sake of building an effective marketing campaign it is much easier to start with specifics and then add from there.

3. Listen to what people are saying

Again another no-brainer but are you really listening to what customers like about your restaurant. Maybe they thought the food was good but they loved the spacious baby changing facilities. Listen to what's being said both online and onsite and use this feedback to tailor your marketing message. If people love that you open at 8am on a Sunday morning then use that as a selling point.

4. Spend your Marketing Money wisely

By segmenting your target markets you can more accurately target them with the mediums that suit them best. Consider if that generic advert in the local paper would be better as a targeting online advertising campaign, or, if the money spent on design and print of flyers for an event would be better spent on a PR campaign. There are so many marketing avenues open to businesses now it can be difficult to make these important decisions. Start with the end in mind and remember who you want to attract.

5. Leverage opportunities

Use your existing relationships to leverage marketing activities. Sponsoring a local event? Make sure you know what you getting in return and maximize the opportunity. Do you use a particularly high profile product or brand? Talk to the Sales Manager to see if you can arrange a joint PR activity.

These are some quick fire tips to get you thinking about how to can create your own identity.

P.S: I edited this tip out because Top 5 Tips is better as a title then 6 Top Tips, but this one is a bug bearer of mine so here it is... Bonus Tip: Police Your Brand: Ensure the branding on your menus, signage, till receipts and everywhere else it may be used is strictly the same, that means not stretched not a different font nor a 'close enough' colour. It needs to be the exact same, or, if you got a snazzy designer, according to the brand guidelines. A strong brand has a better chance of leaving a lasting impression.

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