#193 – The Longest Tasting Menu In The World

Have you ever eaten something  so ridiculously glorious, relished every last morsel, unashamedly licked the plate,  declaring ‘I could eat another one of those!’

Well, how about indulging in a tasting menu that was 193 courses long, took 24 hours to get through and consisted of one meal from every country in the world? suddenly the taste is a little bitter. That is exactly what an adventurous  team in unearthed, a London-based, online epicurean food business underwent a World Record Breaking attempt in the Soho restaurant ‘Janetira’ earlier this month.

Roughly coming in at 8 courses an hour over a 24 hour eating marathon session they gobbled their way though curries and stews, omelettes with ants, sea urchin and biscuits  and all sorts of toe curling, stomach clinching concoctions with some pleasant more familiar food for good measure, ‘Everything from Bangladeshi Khaja to Peruvian Saltado, grasshoppers from Congo, weaver ants, scorpions and even good old strawberries and cream’.

Carrie Hollis, Marketing Manager for Unearthed said “what a journey of discovery! Three of my favourite dishes were from Belize, Ethiopia and Namibia, places I have never visited or even thought of trying the cuisine. Stews followed cakes, followed cocktails, followed Scorpians, followed camel, followed caviar. It truly was a whirlwind of flavours and influences which were exciting and intriguing and although full to the very brim and tired towards the end, I always looked forward to the next round of dishes!”

While the exhausted team were sleeping away their culinary execrations (I can’t help but wonder how many calories the whole 193 dishes contained)  the following evening was open to the public to come along and try out some of these dishes from far flung corners of the earth.  We sent Derek off to expand his food repertoire.

Here was the menu on the night, thankfully not a deep fat fried insect in sight (insert joke here). While the Pad Thai was reported as a winner,  the Beef Stew coming in a close second, the Malaysian Duran was said to be ‘horribly horrible and smelly’.


Proceeds from the public night went to Action Against Hunger. You can follow Unearthed  here on Twitter for news from their culinary travels and mad cap adventures.




An amazing feat, an admirable cause and a wonderful PR idea. Well done all at Unearthed and thank you for having us.

Watch this space, we are London bound again next month where Olivia will be tweeting live from  Feast – ‘London’s most exciting and adventurous food event…. a rambunctious round up of London’s top chefs and street food hero’s promises an alternative spin on the traditional village fete’ .