An Appetite For Social Media – ‘Food Social’ A New Agency For Food and Hospitality in Ireland Launches

Food Social is a newly launched social media agency and a sister agency to Food PR.

 The agency officially launched this week with a focus on servicing food and hospitality brand’s online and social media needs. Food Social offers end-to-end campaign management from strategy planning, auditing and optimisation to content creation and editing. Food Social works with some of Ireland’s top content creators, located throughout the country, to ensure a consistent stream of high-quality content for their clients.   

Food PR was established in 2010 when Managing Director, Olivia Collins, pursued her love of Irish food and redirected her PR agency, previously Those Two Girls PR,  as one firmly focused on promoting Irish food.

As the agency developed, so too did the world of communications, Olivia said “We were creating wonderful PR campaigns and clients simply did not know how to translate them into content for online use. So naturally we stepped in and offered social media as an add-on service. We were one of the first PR agencies in the country to offer social media services alongside our PR services.”

The expansion of services served them well during the pandemic when there was a sudden halt on most PR campaigns. “People still needed to communicate with the public, whether it was advising of reduced opening hours, new takeaway services or safety measures”. After the pandemic social media services were being used by most Food PR clients, Olivia says, “The work that was being created became really creative, dynamic and impactful. It was destined to grow and it was simply a matter of finding the right team to do that with.” 

Sarah Berney joined Food PR on a freelance basis initially to service the social media needs of Food PR clients, and as the role grew so too did the services.  Sarah is now the Head of Social + Digital at the new agency Food Social, which has a dedicated in-house team, a pool of content creators and its own distinct brand. Sarah is influential in the world of food in her own right and is the person behind The Hungry Nugget, a food-focused Instagram account with over 16k followers. Sarah said, “I’m incredibly passionate about the Irish food industry, and playing a role in the growth and success of diverse nationwide brands such as Griolladh, Esquires and Zambrero, fine dining restaurants and hotels across Ireland is so fulfilling. Working with such a variety of brands in this space and marketing to diverse target audiences means that creating content that is authentic to the brand is key. At Food Social, we take time to understand and to develop the brand’s personality and tone of voice — this is core to the success of each campaign.” 

Olivia continued, “It’s a very exciting time for the agency and Food Social is at the forefront of online communications, not just for food businesses but also for hotels, restaurants and hospitality in general. We have developed some fantastic partnerships and collaborations through the network we have developed over the years and matched with fresh creativity our clients are seeing real results in terms of visibility and brand growth. We genuinely care about the success of each client and ensure that the content we create directly correlates to and works towards the overarching business goals for each brand we work with.”

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