Yum! New Galway-business, Yum Tree Kitchen Making Dinner Times Easy

Restaurant quality, nutritious, locally sourced meals delivered straight to your door. Galway’s newest and most innovative food delivery business is launched.

Yum Tree Kitchen is an exciting venture recently launched by food enthusiasts Kerry Legh and Grace O’Connell. The premise is simple, go online choose your meals and have them delivered to your home via their bi-weekly delivery service.

The food is lovingly prepared by Kerry, Grace and Kerry’s husband and chef Mark Legh in the Spiddal Yum Tree kitchens. Choose from a range of over 20 dishes such as Lavender Chicken with Lentils, Monkfish Curry, Pork and Roast Red Pepper Meatballs, Chicken Leek and Ham Pie or choose one of their many vegetarian options, Teriyaki Tofu anyone?

The food is of restaurant-style quality but healthiness and wholesomeness is a priority when developing a dish. Being mums Grace and Kerry ensure each dish is family friendly with minimal salt and sugar aded. Ingredients are sourced locally so there is no fear of any hidden nasties. Suppliers include local butchers Collerans for all Yum Tree Kitchen meats, Gannets Fish Mongers for fish and Curleys for their vegetables.

Close friends Kerry and Grace realised the need for a healthy, quality food service after they both had babies and found it difficult to find the time to prepare a healthy meal whilst looking after a newborn.“Luckily my husband is a chef and was able to take a month off work after our baby was born. He cooked and froze meals for me, meaning all I had to do was reheat them.” Kerry says. “This was a total godsend and made me wonder what other people do who don’t have the option of paternity leave or perhaps don’t have husbands that can cook. After talking to other new mums we discovered that many people mainly eat ready meals and take aways and were crying out for a healthy alternative”

Grace adds, “Eating well is so important to our well-being, energy levels, mood and general ability to take on whatever life throws our way. Even more so in times of stress, illness and exams,” says Grace. “The problem is that this is usually the time we tend to pay the least amount of attention to how we treat our bodies. Yum Tree Kitchen provides great tasting wholesome food for those in need of a helping hand. We plan, gather, home cook and deliver delicious food straight to your door so that you can use those precious moments to relax, recuperate or just catch up on some quality time.”

Yum Tree Kitchen meals come frozen in handy containers that are perfect for small freezer spaces. Each meal can be defrosted the night before in the fridge and then simply reheated in the stove top or microwave for a proper home cooked meal.  Breakfast, lunch and dinners with side options are offered, with minimum order value of €30. You simply order and pay online.

A Gift-It service is also available for those who would like to give a valuable and thoughtful present to exam-time students, new mums, the elderly or anyone who could do with less time in the Kitchen.

For more information and to browse the menu see www.yumtreekitchen.com