From Hilltop To Home – ‘Achill Mountain Lamb Peak Season Box’

September and October marks peak season for Achill Mountain Lamb

Achill Mountain Lamb reaches its peak in terms of flavour every September and October. Achill is carpeted with an abundance of flowering wild plants, salty seaweeds and seaside grasses which gives the lamb its unique taste at this time of year.

The Calvey Family, have been producing Achill Mountain Lamb for over 50 years. It’s a family affair with a member of the Calvey family personally involved at every step of the rearing of their lamb, ‘from hill to home’. The Calvey’s own and operate their own abattoir on Achill Island and then butcher and package each delivery on-site.

The uniqueness of what the Calvey’s do is in the fact that they rear their lamb literally from the hilltops and along Achill coastline through to the butchering process. Martin Calvey spends each day ensuring the welfare of the herd while his daughter, Grainne is a Master Butcher. She hand crafts each carcass and packs each delivery.

Once an order is placed, Grainne personally telephones each customer to discuss their individual requirements and preferences. The Whole Peak Season Lamb comes butchered, portion packed, clearly labelled and includes the lamb’s liver and kidneys.

As the lamb comes straight from the primary producer, the Calvey family, this means a saving for the end consumer and is reflected is the price. A whole Peak Season Achill Mountain Lamb is priced at €99.00.

Orders can be made via www.achilllamb.ie and delivery is made to 32 counties