Need Some Inspiration for Entering the #TapasLife Competition?

How would you like to win a trip to Spain? And not only that, but have your very own tapa creation featured on the Cava Bodega menu?

If that sounds appealing, then get entering our competition and enjoy #TAPASLIFE!

Cava Bodega, which is part of the hugely successful EAT Galway franchise, focuses on the Spanish food phenomenon of Tapas.

They have recently launched a competition which will see three entrants have their tapa creation featured on the restaurant’s specials menu for a week.

The entry which attracts the most orders from customers will result in the creator winning a trip for two to Spain and having their creation featured on the next Cava Bodega menu.

To enter, all you need to do is create a tapa and post the recipe with the hashtag #TapasLife to either Twitter or Facebook.

Here is an example of a recipe which is currently on the Cava Bodega menu, to show you what Tapas is all about.


(serves 1 – 2)
 1 large Ciabatta or French loaf
 2 large vine tomatoes
 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 (preferably organic)
 Sea salt
1. Slice bread lengthways and rub olive oil liberally into the bread.
2. Grill bread until nicely browned.
3. Half tomatoes and squeeze pulp and juices on to the bread.
4. Make sure to press the tomato into the bread without breaking the
surface of the bread.
5. Season with sea salt (and more olive oil!) and serve warm with
Manchego cheese and some Jamón Iberico!


tomato bread (1)