Zip it! Irish Handmade Pizza Bases By Pizza Da Piero

Delicious, nutritious and perfect for hungry kids and adults alike – the handmade pizza base range from The Artisan Pizza Company under the new brand of Pizza Da Piero, are now available in handy zip lock bags.

The Artisan Pizza Company the creation of Italian baker Piero De Vallier who has more than 20 years of baking experience and his Irish wife Cliona.

Each pizza base is produced by hand using all-natural ingredients. They undergoes a two-day long fermentation process, making them easy to digest, so no bloated tummies!.

As every busy mum knows, convenience and expediency is crucial at tea time. With a defrost time of three minutes and a cooking time of five minutes, all you need to do is chop and pop. Chop your veggies, sprinkle frozen spinach or grate courgette for a sneaky vitamin-packed pizza topping option, and pop the lot in a super-hot preheated oven (220 degrees) for 5 minutes. The result is a healthy, thin crust, family friendly pizza in less then 15 minutes.

The new ziplock packaging makes freezing easy and with each base less then 365 calories, everyone is happy.

They come in packs of two under the new Pizza da Piero label and sell for €3.99. The bases are available nationwide in most Superquinn, Supervalu and independent grocery shops. Watch out for the mini-bases which are on limited edition in select Supervalu and Superquinn stores.

See www.pizzadapiero.com for a full list of stockists and recipe ideas.