Just Launched: “Discover The Unexpected” Beer and Food Pairing Menu at Stack A Restaurant

Stack A Restaurant at Urban Brewing in the heart of the Dublin Docklands has launched a new menu – “Discover The Unexpected” Beer and Food Pairing Menu. Experience the joy of surprising flavour combinations by matching specially selected dishes with craft brews.

The four-course menu is a celebration of the versatility of beer, showcasing how its pairing with food can elevate a dish, while the food simultaneously brings out the beers’ kaleidoscope of flavours, aromas, and textures.

This menu is the result of the coming together of Urban Brewing’s craft brewers and Stack A Restaurant’s top chefs to create something unique. A selection of Urban Brewing beers, brewed on-site in its microbrewery, have been developed and carefully chosen to enhance the flavour notes of each dish.

Head chef Dan Keane said, “The fact that we have input into the beer recipes prior to production enables us to think about the pairings from the outset and develop innovative dishes inspired by what we are brewing in-house. This ensures a fantastic food and beer combination – something diners may not expect.”

The menu, reflecting Stack A Restaurant’s signature style of locally-sourced Irish ingredients with globally-inspired flavour combinations, will change seasonally while the beer pairings will change regularly depending on the latest brews which have been developed by head brewer Mickey Lynch and his team.

Mickey Lynch said, “We’re constantly forming deeper connections between food and beer using harmonious and contrasting characteristics and flavours. Huge diversity of beer styles allows for endless pairing opportunities with food, and we’re really excited for more people to experience and enjoy these pairings.”

The menu begins with Confit Tuna Rillette, Crisp Sourdough, Romesco accompanied by beer such as Urban Brewing Dry Hopped Kölsch. The subtlety of the flavours in this beer matches very well with the slight spice and minerality in the tuna. It is crisp, clear and doesn’t leave a lingering taste making it a perfect beer to begin with.

This is followed by Cured Fillet of Sea Trout, Trio of Beetroot, Blood Orange, Watercress accompanied by beer such as Urban Brewing Session Pale Ale, where the natural bitterness in the hops pairs beautifully with the slightly sour and sweet elements of this dish. The higher level of carbonation also aids in cleansing the palate of the rich fattiness of the fish.

The next course is Duo of Irish Beef: 14 Hour Brewed Daub and Charred Rump, Smoked Potato, Forest Mushrooms, Baby Spinach, Braising Jus accompanied by beer such as Urban Brewing Whiskey Barrel Aged Red Ale which, like wine, has developed tannins and has fermented over time to develop a dry acidity, which helps cut through the dish’s rich flavours.

To finish, diners will be served Toffee Cake, Miso Gelato, Caramelised Banana accompanied by beer such as Urban Brewing Szechuan Stout. The addition of Szechuan pepper brings a fruity spiciness to the stout, adding a deeper flavour profile to the dessert, and offsetting the rich umami flavour of the miso ice cream.

The cost of the four course “Discover the Unexpected” Pairing Menu is €60 per person, which includes matching beers (€45 without beer pairings).

Urban Brewing was established in 2017 by O’Hara’s Brewery, one of the pioneers of Irish craft brewing and now one of the largest craft breweries in Ireland, and encompasses a fully-functional microbrewery, two bars and Stack A Restaurant which is located within the building’s underground vaults.

The Discover the Unexpected Pairing Menu is available Monday to Saturday evenings in Stack A Restaurant at Urban Brewing and bookings can be made via email at [email protected], phone at (01) 568 5989, or at www.urbanbrewing.ie.

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