Exciting New Diverse Food PR Clients

We’re delighted to welcome two new diverse clients into the Food PR family: Esquires Coffee and Toons Bridge Dairy. Both clients embody integrity and passion for their product and are exactly the kind of people we love to promote. Although very diverse in product and scope, we can see many similarities in their dedication, attention to detail, ethical sourcing and delivery of their delicious products and services.

Toons Bridge Dairy is a family-run business situated among the rolling green countryside of Macroom, in beautiful West Cork. This business has a wonderful story which gives us a solid base for producing a strong business profile to help introduce the brand to the media and customers. It’s often difficult for companies to see their own story in terms of a compelling media angle and that’s where the team at Food PR can help.

The Toons Bridge dairy started production in 2011. Already a seasoned food producer, Toby had been running his Real Olive Company since 1993, and was no stranger to pioneering new foods in the Irish market that have now become staples in many an Irish household.

Equipped with a love of food and a desire to learn, Toby took himself off to Italy to see how they made traditional cheeses. He spent weeks training with fourth generation cheese maker Franco Picciuolo. No mean feat when it involves handling molten curds at over 75 degrees celsius! You see what we mean about passion and dedication? Stories like this may be wonderful to tell but if you don’t know how and where to tell them then you’re not going to see an increase in sales. This is where we can help.

Let’s be honest sales are the bottom line – we need to position Toby’s story in a media-friendly way so that he can let the world know about his delicious new range of cheese and the story of Toons Bridge. Franco heads up production of their impressive range of traditional new Italian cheeses.

To get the message out to potential new Toons Bridge customers and stockists, we will plan a series of product launches, public relations profiling building activity, leverage partnerships with existing contacts and customers and  maximise publicity through our industry contacts in the media. To amplify this coverage our team will also produce an integrated social media campaign across all platforms. We can’t wait to spread the news and join them on this amazing food journey.

Esquires Coffee shares this passion for exceptional produce and superior customer service. Although their main product, coffee,  may be viewed  as a commodity they have made a commitment to change the rules of coffee production and sale. We will help make this brand stand out as an exceptional chain of coffee houses. The Esquires brand is based on fairness, integrity, passion, excellence, innovation, community and sustainability. It is our job to educate and inform customers of this unique set of principles.

Each new coffee house becomes an integral part of the community it serves. We aim to ensure maximum regional and national coverage for Esquires as a franchise brand that works locally but thinks globally. All coffee served is 100% Fairtrade and organic, each perfect cup of ethical coffee paired with the freshest locally sourced food. Our job at Food PR is to develop compelling content around this story that will inform and inspire customers through integrated Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media campaigns.

As you can imagine there is a huge bond of trust between all the partners involved in this large multi-national organisation. The emphasis on support means that each new franchise is given a comprehensive training programme with hands-on backup to help them deliver a uniform quality of product and service while maintaining their own individuality in their community.

This will mean a strong local emphasis within a cohesive national social media plan. To achieve this, Food PR will be rolling out social media training to Esquires franchisees over the next number of months and managing the social media content in the meantime.

It will be extremely rewarding to work with these new diverse Food PR clients and business models yet remain true to all our common values of creating a quality, ethical food culture accessible to everyone. At Food PR we are committed to managing your story to ensure you connect with your customers.

We are happy to work with small producers and large multi-national businesses; if you have a love of food then it’s simple – we would love to work with you!



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