New Irish garlic is the pick of the crop

The Drummond House estate boasts 150 years’ worth of stories. To this day you can still see the remnants of the passion, the hard work and the respect with which the ancestors of Peter and Marita Collier farmed the 100 acres. Today they try to keep those values alive, albeit while growing a very different and remarkable crop.

From the moment you walk onto their land you can feel the love they have for their farm. You can see it in the rebuilt stone walls that house their recently harvested garlic. You can smell it in the magnificent garlic scent that fills the air as you tour the acreage. You can hear it in their voices when they speak about why they embarked on this curious journey and, most importantly, you can taste it the moment you crunch into that first slice of fresh garlic and it sizzles on the tongue.

The Colliers were drawn to garlic farming because of their passion for ‘real’ food. Food grown in the right way; in a way nature, not lifestyle, demands. While pondering how best to utilise their recently inherited farm, a trip to India and the experience of truly delectable cuisine brought with it clarity.

Upon their return they set about rejuvenating the land; preparing it for the next 150 years, while ensuring the ghosts of its past life were not forgotten. The trees and bushes were cleared and the meticulous process of rebuilding the stonework of the farmhouses was started. A system was even installed which reclaims rainwater for use on the crops.

This was as much an adventure as it was a business.

In 2014 four acres were planted. The first harvest of scapes and garlic came. They honed their craft and 12 months later the seeds of their second crop were sown. Today they boast 10 different varieties of garlic and are looking forward to lifting their first crop of asparagus spears next spring.

It has been a process which has demanded time, patience and care. The rewards, however, are magnificent. You will recognise Drummond House Garlic by its unrivalled taste. There is simply no substitute for fresh, properly grown, Irish garlic; bulbs packed with flavour and void of any of the green wastage found at the core of more bland and older imports.

Drummond House is a modern farm rebuilt on 150-year-old foundations. Its story has found itself a new chapter.

The Chef’s Choice

Marita and Peter have seen their garlic take centre stage in signature chefs’ dishes, becoming more than a flavouring and more the centre-point of the dish.

Marita says, “The flavour, texture and quality of our garlic cannot be matched or beaten by anything that is currently on the Irish market. Our garlic has been smoked and roasted by restaurants and used in soups and salads. Our elephant garlic crisps have been a huge success created by our local restaurants.”

The Garlic Growing Calendar at Drummond House

  • August: Sub-soil preparation
  • September-October: Clove popping and planting of garlic
  • May-June: Harvesting of garlic scape
  • June-July: Harvesting of elephant garlic to be dried
  • June-August: Harvesting of wet garlic
  • August-September: Dried elephant garlic ready for market
  • September-November: Dried garlic ready for market

Drummond House Garlic is a carefully cultivated, Irish-grown, premium food. It takes nine months from hand-planting before the garlic is fully grown and ready for harvesting. These means that only a limited supply is available when ready.

The growing process begins in August with sub-soil preparation. Then the clove-popping stage begins by hand. All of the seed must be broken up by hand and planted within 48 hours to ensure that the cloves do not dehydrate too much. The cloves are planted over a four-week period to stagger the crop so that come harvest time it doesn’t all ripen at the same time.

The garlic is then cured in the drying shed from which point it will last between six and eight months.

The full range of dried garlic is available from the end of August.

Pre-orders and enquiries are via the website: www.DrummondHouseGarlic.com


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