Michelin-Star Aniar Restaurant Launches Ireland’s First Pre-Book Ticket System

 Michelin-Star Aniar Restaurant in Galway Launches Ireland’s First Restaurant Advance Booking System

JP McMahon and Drigin Gaffey have launched a new way of booking a table in Aniar Restaurant, their awarding winning Michelin Star restaurant in Galway city.

Just as you would buy a ticket for a show or concert, the price of your Tasting Menu in Aniar will reflect the demand on that particular day. Your ‘ticket’ which is valid for Tasting Menu only, (reservations for á la carte go unchanged), will be priced at a lower rate for the less popular early week slots and has a sliding scale up to Saturday. A six-course Tasting Menu with five wines in Aniar would normally cost 100euro,  however buy your ticket for a Tuesday and it will cost 70euro.

Tickets must be purchased in advance, are not refundable and cannot be transferred to another date, although you can  transfer ownership. For example, you can give your dinner ticket to a friend or sell it to someone else.

JP McMahon explains the reasons behind the new initiative,  “This system allows us to price the Tasting Menu with a greater degree of flexibility, rewarding diners for planning, and paying, in advance. The kitchen and floor staff can then spend more time  perfecting the food and service rather than following up reservations . Of course, it has the added bonus of encouraging people to order the Tasting Menu, which is the ultimate Aniar experience with carefully matched wines, but by changing the price point customers also get the financial benefits”.

For regular  á-la-carte dining the reservation policy remains the same, credit card must be used at time of booking.

To buy your tickets see www.AniarRestaurant.ie


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